Thursday, 8 April 2010

It is I, returned to blog again. In a break from revision at the moment so far today I have done some art and revised both biology and physics so thats good. Not much to talk about really had a nice easter! I had a lovely revision lunch break today at Kirkstone I had a tomato and bean soup and then half a piece of tiffin and half a piece of their new super delicious red velvet cake. I believe the red velvet cake may contain beetroot though this is only a suspicion. I'm off to do russian speaking quetions next so that isn't so fun. My nose is feeling rather chilly at the moment but the heating has been switched on and I expect it to warm up. I had the wonderous idea of leaving my slippers on the aga whilst we were out so they were really warm when I got back. I was going to build us a fire however the trek up to the coal shed is just to much to bear. I think I will now change the layout of the blog maybe cos it looks a bit dark and scary. I hope you katie my 1 follower is contented by my most recent post!