Sunday, 22 April 2012

See you in year

So, as proven by the date of my last post and the date of this post, I am a rubbish blogger. I would say that I'd try harder but really that won't happen, plus I don't really have enough to write about and no one is reading it anyway. So I have taken a route in life since my last post. That route being Politics. I guess I'll see. Can you work for the BBC with just a Politics degree because I have decided that, that would be pretty fun. Not sure what I could do for the BBC though as I wouldn't want to be a researcher and would make an awful writer and lack the qualifications for anything else.

What else has happened? I can now vote and drink. I still can't drive, though I am trying very hard. I no longer do Art, which whilst it was a complete stress, I do think I should do some in my own time; I just can't think what to do. On the subject of Art, since my last post I have decided that I really like the work of Damien Hirst.

So that was boring and mildly pointless. Hey Katie, how have the last couple of hours treated you, they have treated me very well. Hey Em, don't think you read this anymore, but hey anyways.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


So another eagerly awaited post. Hello Katie. I have realised that my blog can sometimes be hard to understand due to lack of punctuation, I promise to try harder. So, if you have any views on what I should do with my life that would be good. In other news I am trying to think what to do for my birthday and am becoming distinctly more worried about young enterprise. I have just read the the end half of HP and the Deathly Hallows (after Dobby died) so i should be good for the next film whenever it comes out, although I will admit I did only skim read it. I wish there was something more interesting I could write about in this, but for the life of me I can't think of anything. By the way I have given up on the synonyms for hello idea.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


So i have decided to try and think of lots of different synonyms of hello as the title of the posts, if you have any suggestions for the next please write them in a comment. i am good. in the lakes. lots of sleep. watching Pirates of the Caribbean...arrrrgh. hehehe. excited about going to Disney it will be immense. exams are over i think i failed and i am not even searching for praise. oh well. i will be fine. so how is everyone out there feeling. bought some books today. miss doctor who being on, but it will return and i am sort of over it now as it has been off for a few weeks. some good films have been on tv today though it is not a special one if anyone has any thoughts please about why do respond. the holidays are summery with rain on the side. oh well. that's enough for now. tootaloo.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

i am revising/blogging in the lakes. history is fairly tedious although it was quite fun earlier listening to the sons from the producers whilst doing germany revision. its lovely and sunny up here and we will be barbecuing later which should be good. feeling a bit apart from the real world at the moment, but im sure that will soon change next week. maths revision going well, english and history coming along slowly, back to disgusting medicine revision now. i have been wearing pretty dresses to cheer me up whilst revising though might have to resort back to jeans etc soon. everything seems much greener in the sun it should be nice when they get the boat out if the weather is like this all summer. cant wait for exams to be over. hows everyone elses lives? mine seems to be ticking along nicely, though the exams are always a worry.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

It is I, returned to blog again. In a break from revision at the moment so far today I have done some art and revised both biology and physics so thats good. Not much to talk about really had a nice easter! I had a lovely revision lunch break today at Kirkstone I had a tomato and bean soup and then half a piece of tiffin and half a piece of their new super delicious red velvet cake. I believe the red velvet cake may contain beetroot though this is only a suspicion. I'm off to do russian speaking quetions next so that isn't so fun. My nose is feeling rather chilly at the moment but the heating has been switched on and I expect it to warm up. I had the wonderous idea of leaving my slippers on the aga whilst we were out so they were really warm when I got back. I was going to build us a fire however the trek up to the coal shed is just to much to bear. I think I will now change the layout of the blog maybe cos it looks a bit dark and scary. I hope you katie my 1 follower is contented by my most recent post!

Saturday, 24 October 2009


I have decided since it is so hard to update everyone i know about my life when i want to and remember who i have told what, i will know blog some stuff. This is intended for you Katie and Emma though i'm not sure you have blogspot. i hope you enjoy reading this though i will probably end up never using it but it is worth a try.