Sunday, 18 July 2010


So i have decided to try and think of lots of different synonyms of hello as the title of the posts, if you have any suggestions for the next please write them in a comment. i am good. in the lakes. lots of sleep. watching Pirates of the Caribbean...arrrrgh. hehehe. excited about going to Disney it will be immense. exams are over i think i failed and i am not even searching for praise. oh well. i will be fine. so how is everyone out there feeling. bought some books today. miss doctor who being on, but it will return and i am sort of over it now as it has been off for a few weeks. some good films have been on tv today though it is not a special one if anyone has any thoughts please about why do respond. the holidays are summery with rain on the side. oh well. that's enough for now. tootaloo.

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