Sunday, 22 April 2012

See you in year

So, as proven by the date of my last post and the date of this post, I am a rubbish blogger. I would say that I'd try harder but really that won't happen, plus I don't really have enough to write about and no one is reading it anyway. So I have taken a route in life since my last post. That route being Politics. I guess I'll see. Can you work for the BBC with just a Politics degree because I have decided that, that would be pretty fun. Not sure what I could do for the BBC though as I wouldn't want to be a researcher and would make an awful writer and lack the qualifications for anything else.

What else has happened? I can now vote and drink. I still can't drive, though I am trying very hard. I no longer do Art, which whilst it was a complete stress, I do think I should do some in my own time; I just can't think what to do. On the subject of Art, since my last post I have decided that I really like the work of Damien Hirst.

So that was boring and mildly pointless. Hey Katie, how have the last couple of hours treated you, they have treated me very well. Hey Em, don't think you read this anymore, but hey anyways.