Thursday, 3 June 2010

i am revising/blogging in the lakes. history is fairly tedious although it was quite fun earlier listening to the sons from the producers whilst doing germany revision. its lovely and sunny up here and we will be barbecuing later which should be good. feeling a bit apart from the real world at the moment, but im sure that will soon change next week. maths revision going well, english and history coming along slowly, back to disgusting medicine revision now. i have been wearing pretty dresses to cheer me up whilst revising though might have to resort back to jeans etc soon. everything seems much greener in the sun it should be nice when they get the boat out if the weather is like this all summer. cant wait for exams to be over. hows everyone elses lives? mine seems to be ticking along nicely, though the exams are always a worry.

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  1. LARA! Glad to see you revising, haha. Hmm...maths revision is so boring! I think history and English are interesting though so that's not too bad...pretty dresses eh? Nah, I've been revising in my sheep print PJ bottoms and mahoosive pony of the year show polo shirt. Comfy! A bit sad now that the Bintang beer t-shirt is in the wash, that was my favourite of my comfy clothing items ): ayayay, methinks back to learning some more poetry!